The Striking  Visual Language of
James D. Tsoodle

James’ approach to his paintings begins with a childhood memory of living with, observing and hearing stories of the various Plains Indians and their environment.

He begins with a simple pencil outline sketch on canvas. Then, with the brilliant colors of his own mix of acrylics, he brings to life the subject matter of choice.

It is common for him to work three to four easels at one time in creating his signature larger-than-life size pieces alongside the smallest 6x6 images___

"Every Good Gift and Every Perfect Gift is From Above"
60" x 60"

Chasing the Last Light
Alights On The Cloud

Alights on the cloud

48" x 36" Limited Edition
Canvas Gallery Wrap
He Waits For Dawn

He Waits for Dawn

30" x 24" Limited Edition
Canvas Gallery Wrap
Dressed in His Best

dressed in his best

24" x 24" Limited Edition
Canvas Gallery Wrap
First Morning Light

First Morning light

24" x 24" Limited Edition
Canvas Gallery Wrap

Creating a visual past

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James tells a story, sometimes an historical representation of something he was told as a child.

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Telling the stories of the Grandfathers and Grandmothers.

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